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Secrets….. August 20, 2009

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I love secrets, especially dirty ones, haha


4 Responses to “Secrets…..”

  1. Heather Gettys Says:

    Dirty Secrets are the best!!

  2. REGGY Says:

    I am currently seeing 2 girls at the same time and both of tem are pregnant and I do not know what to do. I needed to get that out, thanks for the site

  3. honest2bloglog Says:

    Geez…. Sounds like you need a lawyer, haha, or a drink. Well, that is a pretty loaded seceret. I am not sure if you should say anything while they are both pregnant, us girls can act crazy when we are prego. Good Luck!

  4. mdyo Says:

    I have been sleeping with my boss for the last year and he is married and I am going to tell his wife.

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