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Bucket List August 27, 2009

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The things I have always wanted to do and will do before I die


2 Responses to “Bucket List”

  1. honest2bloglog Says:

    Go to Paris
    Write a book about my life (I am working on this)
    Write a song
    Compose a play and act in it
    Write a letter to everyone I hurt
    Get lots of money
    Help the poor
    Build a tree house
    Be happy again without you
    Open a restaurant
    Open a hair salon/tattoo place
    Become a tattoo artist
    Learn how to knit, this is hard
    Be on jeopardy or Who wants to be a millionaire

  2. Shelbeegirl Says:

    fly to the moon
    win a million dollars
    go to egypt
    write a good story
    sail around the world
    go on a cruise

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